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Tim Leffel's TRAVEL WRITING 2.0

Travel Writing 2.0 book cover Tim Leffel's new book, Travel Writing 2.0, is probably the most useful "how-to" book about travel writing on the market today.

Why? For one thing, it may be the only how-to book for travel writers that discusses the current travel writing and publishing industry, which is much different from the industry of  few years ago (before editors of most Sunday newspaper travel sections were laid off or paid off with buyouts, and before long-established magazines like Travel Holiday bit the dust).

The book's subtitle is "Earning Money from Your Travels in the New Media Landscape," and that's a fair description of its contents. You'll learn about traditonal print opportunities (where they still exist) online opportunities and traps (Tim isn't a big fan of "internet writing sweatshops and content mills" like and, self-publishing on the Web, and other topics.

I'll be reviewing the book in more detail later on, but in the meantime, I suggest visiting Tim Leffel's Travel Writing 2.0 book site and ordering a copy. Travel Writing 2.0 is available in two editions: paperback (list price US $17.95) and e-book ($9.95). 

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